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Nine Lives

The Heartbreak of Addiction

This memoir is a compelling account of my painful journey through the progression of my only son's downhill battle with drug addiction. Much of what I learned from that heartbreaking experience resonates in my upcoming debut fictional novel, The Midnight Visitor.


With the support of family, friends, and faith, you learn how to move beyond those darkened days and live again. My purpose for writing this memoir is to inform, inspire, and offer hope to anyone going through, or anyone who has a loved one going through, the heartbreak of addiction.


ISBN: 978-3-63575-476-6

Price: $12.95​

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Coming Soon: The Midnight Visitor


After growing up in the shadow of her overachiever brother, life was finally good for Carly. She had everything she had ever dreamt of; a loving husband, a beautiful three-year-old daughter, and the promise of her happily ever after. They lived in a charming cape cod in upstate New York when, unexpectedly, tragedy strikes, and the unthinkable happens. Shattered dreams give way to Carly’s demons of the past that arise from the ashes she thought were buried long ago, long before she had to lay her sweet baby girl to rest. Guilt and anxiety consume Carly as she succumbs to fear and self-doubt and becomes imprisoned in her own shackles of grief.


With a now troubled marriage, she turns to alcohol and falls even deeper into the dark abyss after learning of her husband’s betrayal with his young and seductive assistant. Carly struggles to hang on through an emotional roller coaster that spirals out of control with twists and turns that take her to a place of utter despair, a place where she finds her reason to live after losing everything and the courage to try. The Midnight Visitor is an intensely heart-rending story of heartbreak, facing your fears, and remarkable resilience.

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